AFRODELICO Peruvian Soul(2013)

Sueños de opio - El inicio del Neo Criollismo(2011)

Música Tradicional Peruana(2010)

The Best of Jorge Pardo(2009)

Movimiento Constante(2006)

En Tela De Juicio(2000)

Dime Si Puedo Encontrarte(1995)

2 veces nominado a los Latin Grammy's & Ganador del Festival de Viña del Mar.

Jorge Pardo

Jorge Luis Pardo Valdespino was born in Lima on September 23rd, 1971 .

Studied Advertising Design and Audio Visual Communication at Instituto Peruano de Publicidad de Lima.


From an early age he was adopted as a favorite son by advertising agencies in Peru and abroad because of his talent as a singer performing jingles for radio and television from 1990 to 2005.

1992 integrates Peruvian music band FRAGIL one of the most legendary rock bands.


1995 launches his first CD “Dime si puedo encontrarte", this album is in the pop genre with soul influences and ballad.


1998 along with Gian Marco, Jean Paul Strauss & Domingo Giribaldi integrates a quartet called "Voces y Cuerdas" a musical theater show considered "show of the year" by critics and specialized press.


2000 records his second album "En tela de juicio" which includes songs from Peruvian soap operas “Gorión”, “Canela” and “Gabriela”.


2005 wins two “Gaviotas de Plata” at “Festival de la Canción de Viña del Mar”, in the categories Best Song and Best Performer with “Mi alma entre tus manos.”


2006 recorded his third CD " Movimiento Constante."

That same year he is nominated for a Latin Grammy in the category Best Rock Song at Madison Square Garden in New York with "Un día no vuelve a empezar" from the same album.


2008 integrates the show “Tenores” produced by “Sonidos del Mundo", considered among the most important shows of recent years.


2009 launches his fourth CD “Lo Mejor de Jorge Pardo 1995-2009”.

That same year he is invited by Festival de Viña del Mar (Chile) for its 50th anniversary, in which he is finalist and considered among the three best singers of the last five decades presented at the Quinta Vergara.


2010 recorded his fifth album “Música Tradicional Peruana”, tribute to Arturo Zambo Cavero and Oscar Aviles, Peru vivid culture.


2011 presented himself at the Hall of the Americas of the OAS, Organization of American States in Washington DC offering a tour in 10 cities throughout the U.S.A.

That same year he got his second nomination to the Latin Grammy in the category "Best Folk Album" by the “Música Tradicional Peruana” album .



1995 - Dime si puedo encontrarte

2000 - En tela de Juicio

2006 - Movimiento Constante

2009 - The Best of Jorge Pardo 1995

2010 - Música Tradicional Peruana

2011 - Sueños de Opio -  El inicio del neo criollismo

2013 - A F R O D E L I C O Peruvian Soul



2006 Latin Grammy, nominated for " Best Rock Song " with the song "Un día no vuelve a empezar"


2011 Latin Grammy, nominated for "Best Folk Album " with the album “Música Tradicional Peruana”, tribute to Arturo Zambo Cavero and Oscar Avilés.



2005 Winner of two “Gaviotas de Plata” at “Festival de la Canción de Viña del Mar for Best Song and Best Performer.


2005 Condecorated by the Congress of the Republic of Peru for his outstanding career and representing Peru abroad.


2005 "Premio Inca Kola", National Merit Award .